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Check out our WEBSHOP for natural wooden home decor and kitchenware, cheese- and chopping boards, glassware, funky lights, seashell and pebble art, beach jewelry and many many more.


Retail Shop

  • Roxy Square Shopping CenterUnit # 01-73
  • Richt next to the legendary Roxy coffee shop
  • Open every day except for Monday

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Seashell Art and Beach Jewelry Workshops

What We Do

We love Singapore beaches

Love the sun, the sand, the sea, and everything nature gives us here. We take it with utmost gratitude... and turn it into art.

Let it be pebbles, seashells, coconuts, branches of trees, planks, or even soda cans, plastic bottles; we pick them up... and let our imagination run wild. We humbly take whatever the ocean gives us and use it to create beauty. We call it the GIFT OF NATURE.

We take it upon us to lead by example, to respect the ocean, respect nature and pass this onto the next generation.

We have been organizing handicraft workshops for children where we teach them how to use the gifts on nature; making sure they understand the importance of protecting their environment, waste management, recycling, upcycling, and harmoniously living with nature in their immediate surroundings.

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Gift Of Nature RETAIL SHOPS in Roxy Square Shopping Mall


Home Decor

Beach Jewelry


Visit us at Unit #01-73 of Roxy Square Mall

We are right next to the Roxy Square food court. Take the mall entrance from the East Coast Road side and look for Unit #01-73.

Or at one of our Pop-Up Markets islandwide

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Find Gift Of Nature SG at Roxy Square Shopping Mall

Unit # 01-73, on the ground floor, right next to the food court